Collaboration Fest (At Home)

Not Your Nana’s Cherry Pie

We were all excited for this year’s Colorado Collaboration Beer Festival hosted by the Colorado Brewer’s Guild…what’s more fun than making a new beer with old friends and sharing it with beer enthusiasts and fellow brewers? This year’s collab was with our neighbors at Capitol Creek Brewery. Scott (Aspen Head Brewer) and Jerod (CCB Head Brewer) came up with Not Your Nana’s Cherry Pie! Colorado malt from Root Shoot Malting is the foundation, then we added 20 pounds of graham cracker crumble, 60 pie crusts, a touch of lactose & vanilla plus a boatload of sweet and tart cherries. Not Your Nana’s came in at a balanced and drinkable, yes sweet but not too sweet, 7% ABV. Growlers are rolling out of Aspen Tap only (damn COVID) for $10/fill while supplies last. Come get yours @ Aspen Tap.

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