Quarantine Skiing

Our company slogan Drink In The View has always been a call to action. A reminder to pause, reflect and take in the moment…

Bell Mountain – photo by Duncan Clauss

We all have had to shelter in place for some time now, many since early or mid-March. In Colorado, the ski resorts were some of the first business shut down by state orders. While our community, tourists and locals alike, fully understood this was a necessary step to reduce the spread of COVID-19 there too was a palpable sadness around town. We’re skiers after all and the mountain was closed. Skiers welcome some physical discomfort and hardship to enjoy that incredible feeling of sliding downhill through the fresh snow, uninhibited and free. And March is the best time of the ski season. It’s why most of us moved to the mountains in the first place. Our housing and jobs were an afterthought. Anyone who loves the outdoors can assimilate.

Again, we fully understood the severity of the global pandemic ravaging countries and communities around the globe. My heart goes out to anyone who has endured life on the front lines of Corona Virus, be it the loss of a loved one or a family member working on the front lines day in and day out.

In Aspen, we are truly lucky. We have been able to shelter in place in our small town, visit a quiet grocery store at odd hours and order some takeout from our local establishments throughout the shelter in place orders. Aspen Skiing Company has allowed us to get out and ski the resort under near perfect spring conditions. Some have ventured into the backcountry (with caution!) to find untracked snow on nearby slopes.

We all hope life will return to a new-normal sometime soon. I hope every community will take something positive from this global and collective experience. Sure your own very well might be different from many others, but it’s also a stark reminder just how connected we all are. Don’t forget to appreciate the small things, the time with family and friends… and don’t forget to #drinkintheview.

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