Aspen's Beer History

Aspen’s beer history dates back to 1885 and the original ‘Aspen Brewery’ which was located on Mill Street, adjacent to the Roaring Fork River and Aspen Brewing Company’s first location.  Founded by Christian Sanders, the brewery operated successfully in Aspen until being purchased by P.H. Zang Company of Denver in 1902.  We believe that they produced one beer, presumably a Lager, to quench the thirst of Aspen’s mining population.

In 1990, Flying Dog brew-pub was opened by George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre in the Cooper Street pedestrian mall.  Locals and visitors flocked to the brew pub for the beer, food and bohemian atmosphere.  Flying Dog operated in downtown Aspen for three years until moving to Denver.  They now operate in Maryland.

Aspen Brewing Company opened in March, 2008 to bring craft beer back to Aspen.  Our original location, 557 North Mill Street, was located across the Roaring Fork River from the site of Aspen’s original Sanders Brewery.  Packed in to 2000 square feet, we were able to keep beer flowing through Aspen locals and tourists with our seven barrel brew house and intimate tasting room.

Today Aspen Brewing Company manufactures all products at the Aspen Airport Business Center.  Aspen Tap licenses Aspen Brewing Company products to operate as the retail outlet in Aspen for all ABC products alongside a modern bar menu as well as wine & spirits.