Belgian Farmhouse Saison – A Golden History

The history behind the Belgian Farmhouse Ale is a rich and intriguing one extending as far back as the early 1600’s. This style of brewing, inspiring the emergence of the Saison, came from a lack of activity during the colder and less stressed months of the year in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The farmers knew that during the hot, summer months they would need a plentiful amount of beer to keep them refreshed. The autumn and winter brewing methods were a factor that influenced the flavor of this style.  In the beginning, the Belgian Farmhouse ales were not considered to have enough defining characteristics to create a category of their own so they remained known as simple summer ales for quite some time. They were known to have a lesser abv than the modern saisons and were a lighter, more sessionable brew. Nowadays, the average saison ranges from 4.5 to 6.5% with our Aspen Brewing Company version ranking in at 6.8%.

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“It’s like sucking the nectar of the golden goddess,” claims McLain Cheney, Sales and Distribution Manager at the Aspen Brewing Company. Easily one of the more delicious and flavorful beers around, the Saison is capturing taste buds and melting hearts. The straw colored and lightly hoppy belgian ale is both refreshing and bursting with world renowned flavor. This Belgian Farmhouse Saison ale is bottle conditioned, as is the tradition, and brewed with a masterful combination of Belgian pilsner malt, wheat, curacao orange peel, Kent Golding and Sterling Hops and a Belgian farmhouse yeast.

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The Saison has been a member of the Aspen Brewing Company family since spring of 2012. When first brewed and bottled there was no stopping her and she hit the ground running. First, with a trip to the Great American Beer Festival she took home the Silver Medal in the French and Belgian Saison category. Shortly thereafter (2014), at the viciously sought after World Beer Cup awards, the Aspen Saison took home her most prized possession to date, the Gold Medal. Now solidified amongst the best beers in the world, the Aspen Brewing Company’s Saison was hand picked by a panel of judges to stand alone amongst the best of the best in her field.

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We hope that you will enjoy this Saison as much as we, along with many judges, have for two years now.  Available through out the Roaring Fork Valley, east along I-70 to the Front Range, and along I-25 from Fort Collins to Pueblo, this bottle conditioned bomber will be found in your local liquor stores. Check back regularly as we will continue to profile our range of beers.


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