“Independence Chicken” – Drink and Spoon IPA Recipe

An up and coming blog out of Denver, Drink and Spoon, focuses on pairing delicious recipes with the finest of craft beers and has recently created the “Independence Chicken.” This chicken dish is both marinated and paired with our Independence Pass Ale and we could not possibly be more excited about the idea. This heart healthy recipe contains much more than just chicken and beer so you’ll have to read on to find out. This relatively easy and quick meal is sure to fill you up and satisfy your Aspen Brewing Company craving all in one simple sitting.

Drink and Spoon 1


Read below for the full list of ingredients and directions…

Drink and Spoon 2


Open her up…

Drink and Spoon 3


Spice it up…

Drink and Spoon 4


The most crucial part of the process… Ample amounts of IPA marinade!

Drink and Spoon 5


Add some color to your Independence chicken…

Drink and Spoon 6


Never hurts to floss your chicken…

Drink and Spoon 7


A little heat…

Drink and Spoon 8



Drink and Spoon 9


Drink in the view…

Drink and Spoon 10



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