Official Aspen Power Plant Proposal

We are closing in on two very, very important dates and we want you to be a part of them with us. These dates, February 27 and March 17, mark the Official RFP Submission and the Decision Day for applicants of the Old Aspen Powerhouse. We, the Aspen Brewing Company, are in the company of three other pillars with whom we have teamed up with to create the most dynamic, unique and community oriented collaboration that just makes sense for this facility.

Our proposal combines four pillars of community activation, engagement and entertainment.

These pillars are:
– The Generator: a shared workspace combining daily, monthly and annual memberships with mobile desks and private offices
– Aspen 82 Live TV/Multimedia Studio: a Today Show style studio with educational multimedia activations for Aspen
– Power Plant Event Space: an approachable, public and private event space for the community of Aspen to enjoy
– Brewery/Biergarten: a stainless steel showpiece brew system and community style biergarten with wooden long tables

Labeled Long Section Rendering
Long Side Section Rendering of the new Aspen Power Plant

Visit our Official Aspen Power Plant Proposal site here.


Aspen Brewing Company

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