Silver City Ale: BC Brewing Hut Trip

This past April, we were fortunate enough to execute a long awaited, first of its kind adventure. Together with Strafe Outerwear, we were able to make a backcountry brewing and touring hut trip a reality. Sure, these hut trips happen regularly and people are always touring through out the Aspen backcountry but this was different to say the least.

boys brewing

From the beginning, with the goal of showcasing the importance of snow and snowmelt to both of our businesses, we had our hands full. At the onset, we had one truck stuck, a few members lagging behind on different schedules and a WHOLE lot of gear to get five miles out into the backcountry. At that point, things could really only go up, and go up they did. With three snowmobiles, interesting ways of loading bags and crates on to their tails and some serious motivation, we were able to get all the gear up to the two cabins, Taggert and Green Wilson.

canadian with dunc

With the crew arriving in groups, we eventually had around 16 people split between the two cabins. It was now time to brew the first ever batch of Aspen Brewing Company’s “Silver City Ale” session beer from pure, high-altitude snowmelt. The boys whipped together the gravitational home brew set up and went to work. The snowmelt, 10 gallons, was the most pristine and clear water many of us had ever seen. The snow at that elevation, right at the alpine line, is literally downstream from nobody, leaving it untouched from just about anything. The brewing was underway and it was time to jump, tour, throw axes, shoot guns and have a generally awesome time with the Strafe Outerwear crew, the Craft Beer and Brewing magazine guys and Ian Fohrman, freelance photographer and writer.


Check out the video on our VIMEO page and keep an eye out for a full feature article in Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine and Freeskier Magazine.


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