Local Identity: Zach Hayes

Local Identity

The Local Identity Series is a monthly portrait highlighting heretical, adventurous humans with a knack for escaping the confines of ordinary. These are the individuals who inspire change, style and adventure by simply following the beat of their own drum.

hayes portrait

Name: Zach Hayes

DOB: September 15th 1986

Born: and raised, right here in the Roaring Fork Valley

Currently located…

I live in Snowmass. It’s a little town west of here, most people from Aspen rarely visit because it’s almost all the way to Utah.. haha

hayes 2


Hallowed hunting zone –

Oh man… Ask any bow hunter where they hunt and get ready to hear some BS! I’ll be honest though, I hunt mostly in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness but I grew up hunting around Basalt and the Red Table Mountains. They’re some of the greatest places in the world!

Tool of the trade –

I hunt with a traditional bow, a recurve. A man in Michigan made it for me and it’s a functioning piece of art. The limbs are two-tone juniper, it is layered with bamboo and has a carbon fiber backbone. My arrows are cedar shafts with hardwood footings and feather fletchings and I use two bladed, single bevel broad heads for hunting.

Crew or solo –

I have had some unbelievable experiences hunting solo and it’s much easier to go undetected when you’re alone, but I really enjoy hunting with a crew/partner. The shared experience is all time and leads to stories that will last forever. Plus, when it comes time to haul a bunch of meat out of the woods, the support of the crew is invaluable.

hayes 6


Can’t fail fishing hole –

Literally, the entire Roaring Fork and Frying Pan Rivers are unbelievable. My go to would have to be the Sutank Bridge below Carbondale. I just dip in, pick up my Dad after work and hit that stretch. Also, any one of our many high mountain lakes can deliver the goods. I love spending time fly-fishing up high, almost more than anything else.

Rod/reel of choice –

I fish with a Scott 5 weight that was handed down to me by a late, great family friend, Jan Kraayeveld. For my high mountain fishing I use an 8’6” Redington 3 weight and it is oh, so choice! Both my rods are 4 piece take downs so they travel well, too.

Wade or float –

Don’t make me choose! There is nothing like drifting with the tempo of the river, being in the flow and casting from that platform. Floating with friends and witnessing all the wildlife is picturesque… Floating has to be the best. However, I love wade fishing too; finding a good hole and being able to take your time and really get into it. I just love fishing anyway I can get it.

hayes 3


Sacred shred zone –

Highland bowl. Period. For me HB is an essential part of my sanity in the winter. Some days I’ll go up there just to be in the storm and find solitude.

Set up –

I like to ride a 157 cm. I’ve been riding Never Summer boards since I was a kid and I still love them. I’m goofy and I roll a moderately wide stance of 23”or 24” with -3 degrees in back and 18 up front.

Pow or park –

If the pow is available there is no chance you will see me in the park. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t see me in there a whole lot any way but I’ve always ridden some park and always will.

hayes 4

Choice ABC beer for…

Shot gunning – This Season’s Blonde

Romantic date – Strawberry Blonde (Conundrum Red x This Season’s Blonde)

Bonfire with the boys – Independence Pass IPA!

Sunday football day – IPA or This Season’s Blonde

hayes 5

Bucket list…

Destination – Argentina (all S.A. really), Kamchatka, Mongolia, ALASKA, this list could get really long..

Kill – Coastal Black Tail, Hogs/Boar down south, Alaskan moose

Catch – Bull Trout, Tiger Trout, Salt water anything, Bass, Grayling, Laotian Cutthroat

Car – How about moto? I’ll take the Ducati Panigale 1199 please; make it murdered out black and red.

Celebrity snuggle buddy – Megan Fox in Transformers J


Photos: @devinpool @jordiekarlinski






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