An old and treasured tradition, Tuesday Cruiseday originating in June 2012 as a way for a group of young, job stricken friends to get together during the seemingly endless work week. Ian Collins, Jack Boyd and Pat Sewell, along with Danny Collins, Duncan Clauss, Whit Boucher, Leah Fielding and Meredith Mckee make up the better majority of these adventurous and innovative legends. Outdoor enthusiasts by nature, this group of pioneers decided to assemble on their bicycles every Tuesday afternoon. Inspired by the biking culture of the warmer months, this crew would meet at the Aspen Brewing Company’s Tasting Room, indulge in a beer or five of their favorite flavors.


With little intention, other than to see friends on a day that doesn’t start with “s,” the tradition of a three stop bike ride from the Aspen Brewing Company’s Tasting Room to Smuggler Park. A generally flat, bike path ride, Tuesday Cruiseday attendees always enjoy a few opportunities to circle the roundabouts with friends and laugh it up.


The extraordinary scenery of the summer months in Aspen allow for gorgeous views during the highly entertaining and completely comedic bicycle adventure. Today, with numbers consistently exceeding 150 riders, the once minuscule mid week get together has become a wildly sought after  summer tradition. With no restrictions or denials of entrance, this warm and welcoming afternoon of exercise and beer shows no sign of slowing down.


In a manner of protecting what they’ve long cherished, the originators casually keep the flow of riders moving from one stop to the next with the goal of approaching Smuggler Park as the sun dips behind Mt. Sopris. This massive gathering curates a multitude of long lasting friendships and intriguing conversations while soaking up one of the most memorable views in existence.

cruiseday sunset

Check out this VIDEO: Tuesday Cruiseday

Cheers to many, many more!

Aspen Brewing Company


Photos: Ian Collins, Lane Johnson, Tae Westcott

Video: Craig Turpin


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