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The Brewtography Project is quite possibly one of the greatest depictions of one man’s passionate quest to document something he loves above all else; craft beer, its process, its people, its culture. Dustin Hall, the man behind the lense of the Brewtography Project, came by the Aspen Brewing Company and spent about two days with us between the production facility, on the edge of town, and our tap room, downtown. Hall is the kind of guy who radiates impermeable happiness with a distinct passion for craft beer excellence.

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Colorado, one of the most densely populated states from a craft beer perspective, remains the focus of Hall’s Brewtography Project. On his Interactive Map, you can see over 83 breweries documented in the Boulder/Denver/Front Range region supported by a few in the Aspen, Durango and Steamboat Springs areas.

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“I’m there for eight hours. You can’t go into a brewery and shoot for a couple hours and expect to document the day in the life of a brewery.” – Dustin Hall

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Colorado is home to so many breweries residing on the forefront of the craft beer revolution. Above, a few brewers’ masks hang on the wall at the Avery Brewing Company.

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Jeff Moreland, one of our magicians (or brewers), lines up six packs of our Independence Pass Ale.

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Thank you to 303 Magazine, the Brewtography Project and Dustin Hall for being extraordinary members and contributors of this wonderful community we know as the craft beer industry.


– Aspen Brewing Company

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