Cover Time!

Thrilled to have our first cover shot on the first ever issue of Thirst Colorado magazine! This new magazine, based out of Denver, is growing on the foundation of craft beverages in combo status with all the lovely outdoor activities so many Coloradans pride themselves on. Like to capture fish at the end of a rod, ride a bouncy off-road cycle down the mountains or spend your evenings in a nylon dome resting on dirt? If you enjoy any of these activities along with the consumption of craft beverages then Colorado’s magazine for the thirsty is right up your alley.

Thirst cover 2 Thirst cover


Within the pages of this quenching new magazine, you’ll find an article detailing our second trip into the rugged wilderness wherein we brewed delicious saison style craft liquids. Stay tuned for availability of this one time, experimental river side delicacy.


– Aspen Brewing Company

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